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A Distributed Sun microgrid and mobility company

Your Electrified Platform

truCurrent brings together a powerful collection of product offerings with all the necessary design and key performance indicators to meet or exceed target cost and GHG goals

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation

Experience unparalleled energy resilience and price stability by deploying solar, including rooftop, carport, and ground mounts

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Guarantee the uptime of your operations and improve the ROI of renewables, such as solar

Microgrids & Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)

Increase control and site-specific resiliency and leverage your multi-site portfolio for DR and grid stability

Charging Infrastructure

Right size your EVSE and future-proof based on fleet dwell time, vehicle and route characteristics

Fleet Electrification

Reduce TCO and scope 1 emissions, while increasing uptime and driver satisfaction

GHG Reporting

Empower facility-level, regional-level, and corporate-level stakeholders with actionable insights and custom dashboards

Integration in the Driver’s Seat

truCurrent works to electrify, decarbonize and increase energy resiliency

Delivering Energy on Your Terms: A Roadmap

Entrust procurement to us and experience the rapid transformation of electrification, decarbonization, and energy resiliency

Holistic and
Integrated Approach

  • Prioritize cost savings, emissions reductions, and vehicle uptime through our energy management system
  • Develop, operate, and integrate solar PV, BESS, EV, EVSE, charging infrastructure, and refrigeration systems
  • Address growing supply chain, regulatory, and cost and carbon pressures on gas and diesel consumption
  • Tackle complex fleet electrification challenges, optimize electrical consumption for operations, and maintain long-term price stability

The Next Step in
Fleet Innovation

  • Anticipate where the industry is
    headed with a plan for scaling electric fleets and streamlining installation of charging stations
  • Replace existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to drive internal decarbonization and external compliance goals
  • Capitalize on long-term revenue streams and low TCO with in-depth insight into U.S. energy markets
  • Unlock new cost-saving opportunities with CapEX-free Charging-as-a-Service

A Path
to Scalability

  • Optimize the flow of electrons generated and consumed through owned and operated electric fleets and DERs
  • Collaborate with long-term, established partners to navigate complex energy and regulatory market policies, and secure competitive funding incentives
  • Measure and exceed GHG objectives with a sustainability dashboard to optimize data-driven decision-making
  • Leverage DER-integrated microgrids, setting the stage for nationwide VPPs

When I Think of Real Value, I Think of...

Delivering exceptional results across all industry segments

When I think of efforts for electrification of fleets and facilities in the U.S. - with a focus on cost, carbon and competitive advantage, I think of truCurrent

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Realize Performance Without the Cost

Pave the way toward economic and environmental impact with the market’s most ambitious electrification partner