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Comprehensive Services and Strategies at Scale

Man working on a solar site

A New Horizon is Here

Distributed Sun consistently delivers for corporate, community, and utility-scale solar — operating reliable on- and off-site clean energy solutions with power purchase agreements (PPAs) and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) to support decarbonization goals across geographies.

It’s time for cost-effective clean energy solutions, led by a singular approach for integrating solar+ solutions with adjacent technologies for increased resiliency and reduced emissions.

Move Your Electrification Idea into Action

Discover how our full-service approach, trusted expertise, and customized strategies seamlessly integrate solar, energy storage, and fleet electrification

Transform commercial and industrial (C&I) decarbonization by integrating reliable and cost-effective fleet electrification, microgrid, and energy storage solutions with virtual power plant (VPP) solutions for energy resiliency and price predictability, as well as grid services.
Drive down costs and emissions with sleek, robust, and reliable solar PV power generation fit for corporate, industrial, and utility applications.
Harness the power of the sun to reduce emissions and bring financial stability against future energy volatility and increase reliability with microgrids and VPPs.
Reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions and increase asset monetization with extensive industry analytics and deep subject matter expertise on matters of contract negotiations and policy advisory.

Capitalize on the Energy Transition

Invest in reliability with long-term resiliency

Through a first-of-its-kind Solar Energy Investment Company (SEIC) model and industry-leading risk management, Distributed Sun offers shareholders capital appreciation over the long-term horizon. Take advantage of this innovative investment structure with access to the largest community solar portfolio in the United States.

Trusted by Partners, Policymakers, and Industry Leaders

Delivering exceptional results across all industry segments

When I think about savvy solar investing, and project finance innovation, I think of the solar energy investment companies managed by Distributed Sun.

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Learn how we leverage our long-standing track record to deliver one-of-a-kind projects that showcase the interplay between ESG and policy making

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Explore how we rapidly meet corporate sustainability needs regardless of geography through the deployment of solar+ projects
for today’s grid edge challenge

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